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Judging Panels
Eligibility Criteria


In registering a work for consideration by the Green Room Awards, the company or individual must first establish the work’s eligibility, and then opt for consideration by one of the seven art-form panels.

You are eligible to be considered for a Green Room Award if your work:


  • is presented in Metropolitan Melbourne(generally within 15km of the GPO)

  • presents at least 4 public performances

  • is presented by professional artists

  • offers the professional artists industry award payment, or has made a profit share arrangement where the distribution of profits is clearly defined

  • is produced by Australian artists, or produced by non-Australians engaging Australian artists where the work of theAustralian artists can clearly be considered

  • is a remounted production that has been substantially reworked, or engages new artists in key roles – or that has not been previously been considered by the Green Room Awards

  • is seen by at least three members of the relevant judging panel


You are not eligible to be considered for a Green Room Award if your work:


  • is not presented in metropolitan Melbourne

  • has less than 4 performances

  • is an amateur, non-professional, community or youth performance

  • is produced and presented solely by anon-Australian company or by non-Australian artists

  • is a remount of a production that is substantially the same as has been previously considered by the Green RoomAwards

  • is presented under the auspices of an educational institution


NB: From time to time, panels may determine that aregistered work is better suited for consideration by another panel. In thesecases a change of registration will be negotiated between the relevant PanelChairs and communicated to the company or individual by the Green Room AwardsSecretary.

Make sure you register early!!

The earlier you register,the more likely we are able to see your show. Members of the judging panels areall practicing artists who volunteer their time to be part of the Green Room Awards.As such, they need to juggle their own schedules with the schedules of the manyshows being considered. We strongly recommend that you give us at least three weeks notice of yourperformance dates. Shows that give less than three weeks notice of theirperformance dates run the risk that not enough panel members will be able tosee their show to make it eligible for a Green Room Award.