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Judging Panels
The Green Room Awards are Melbourne’s performing arts awards and recognise the world-class Cabaret,
Dance, Musical Theatre, Opera, Theatre and Alternative and Hybrid Performance productions that grace
Melbourne’s stages each year. From artistic excellence to technical innovation, a Green Room Award
is the most revered accolade an artist can receive in Australia’s cultural capital.

The Green Room Awards were first held in 1982 and aim to recognise excellence across the Melbourne

theatre industry by nominating and presenting awards.

Productions and production companies register with the Green Room Awards Association to be
considered for the awards, encouraging Green Room panel members to attend their performances.

The voting year is from January 1 to December 31, with nominations announced on the City of Melbourne’s
proclaimed "Theatre Day" (the third Tuesday in February), the following year. The award ceremony is
usually in March.

Unlike other awards, the Green Room Awards is not a popularity contest.
Panels of industry professionals who specialise in the different disciplines are responsible
for deciding the nominees and recipients. Because of this industry involvement, a Green Room Award
is a highly respected accolade for all performing and technical artists.

The Green Room Awards Association also announces a Lifetime Achievement Award each year to a
person who has contributed significantly to theatre life in Melbourne. The Green Room Awards
Association is responsible for managing the Awards, nominations and the annual awards ceremony.

The Green Room Awards Association is a voluntary, participatory association.

The Association only assesses professional theatrical productions. Where productions are a
professional co-operative, they must comply with the Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance’s
definition and policy.

We do not assess student, amateur or community theatre.

Peer Assessment & Transparency

All Green room panels are comprised of members who are qualified peers of the discipline
under consideration – e.g. practising artists, reviewers, academics and educators.

1. With peer assessment, it is inevitable that sometimes a panel member may be nominated,
or a show may be nominated involving a panel member or a panel member’s colleagues.

2. If a show that involves any panel member is tabled for discussion, then that
member is asked to leave the room to ensure that discussion of the show is free and open.

3. Furthermore, if a show is nominated or the panel member is nominated, then that panel
member may not vote in any category in which that show is nominated (Eg: if that show is
nominated in three categories, then that panel member cannot vote in any of those three
categories, regardless of their role in the show).

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