The 32nd Annual Green Room Awards will be presented at
The Comedy Theatre, Melbourne 
7pm, Monday April 20, 2015

Ticket information will be available at the end of March

To see the nominations for the 32nd Green Room Awards for work presented in 2014, click here


The Green Room Awards were established in 1982, with our first Awards Ceremony taking place in 1984 celebrating works seen in 1983. Since then, the Green Room Awards have been Melbourne’s premier peer-presented, performing arts industry awards. Each year we recognise outstanding achievements in productions from Cabaret, Contemporary & Experimental Performance, Dance, Independent Theatre, Music Theatre, Opera and Theatre Companies. The awards acknowledge the contributions of the many, diverse artists and technicians who work on stage, back stage, in the grid and in the pit. We are an entirely voluntary organisation, from the Executive Committee to the Panel Chairs, from the Panel Members to our hosts, presenters and patron. We all give of our time because we all believe that acknowledging the work of our peers not only recognises their outstanding achievements, but contributes to a stronger, more exciting and innovative industry that is better for performance makers and audiences alike.