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Our Patron
The role of the Patron of the Green Room Awards is more than a name on a letterhead.
The Patron is generally an individual in a position of influence or authority who believes
in and supports the aims of the Association, enabling it to benefit from their position in terms
of advocacy, networking and representation at key events.

For many years, the Patron of the Association was the Governor of Victoria or their spouse
and that office tended to lapse with the completion of the term of duty of the Governor.
In 2004, to coincide with the twenty-first anniversary, the Association was pleased to welcome
joint Patrons Rachel Griffiths and David Atkins who remained in their respective roles until 2010.

Since 2011, the Green Room Awards Patron has been Julia Zemiro.

Flashback to 2004: I left Sydney to take a break from performing and went overseas to
teach English for a year. The whole business of acting had left me disillusioned.
On my return, I decided to move back to Melbourne. It felt like the right decision as
I reunited with old colleagues and threw myself into a fantastic play by Kit Lazaroo
and directed by Jane Woollard at La Mama. It felt like performing should: Authentic and Inspired.
We had a wonderful run.

I was completely taken by surprise when I heard we’d been nominated for some Green Room Awards.
I confess I didn’t know what they were, having been in Sydney for so long, but when I turned
up on the night, surrounded by the Performing Arts community dressed up and ready to celebrate
one another, I was delighted.

To feel like people had seen our work, in all its disciplines, and to be acknowledged
with nominations, was wonderful. Since then, the Green Rooms have been a high point of
my yearly duties. The speeches are relaxed, inspiring and often hilarious. I just love it.

I’m very honoured to be Patron of the Green Room Awards Association.

These awards are about, and for, you.

Julia Zemiro